How to activate NFR license


I have NFR Enterprise Plan and it is activated by UiPath for 1 year.

My case:
I installed Platform Installer (Version 20.4.1), selected Studio+Robot and finished installation, however, until now I could not license the Robot although it is connected to the orchestrator, in addition, the studio is not activated and maybe because of the robot is not licensed, or it could be for some other reason.

When I access my NFR, navigate to License, I find that I have 5 Attended Robots

but when I navigate to Services I find that I have 3 attended robots available

  • how to fix it?
  • where can I find Studio Pro to install it?
  • is there a full guide for how to use the NFR?

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Hi @SuperCell
Welcome to Uipath Community ,

Its seems like you cloud orchestrator CE ,
Its like this :
License Tab : It will show you how many license you have currently available to use
Services Tab : This tab will show you your currently running tenants and how many license has been allocated in to particular tenant,

Its like as you say In license tab its shows 5 Attended Robots , and Services you have 3 attended robots available , so you can add more Attended Robots in to your relevant service as show how much available to add

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