How to add robot licenses on Orchestrator 2018.3

Hello Everyone;

We have a 2018.3.2 enterprise Orchestrator with 2 unattended robots, my company purchased additional robot licenses, but I have no idea how to install them on Orchestrator.

Under the license tab, there is only “renew” and “remove”, and I already renewed the orchestrator license using , but there is no option on the website to add robots to existing license.

Can anyone provide any help regarding this?
Thanks in advance.

Kindly have a view on this document

Cheers @Ahmed_AbdelRahman

Thanks for the reply, I followed those steps before and got a license.txt file, which i used to update the license (as it was expired). Where can i get the Instance ID?

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You would have got that during initial license activation.
Did we save them @Ahmed_AbdelRahman

Sadly no, and I don’t remember seeing an instance ID.

Do you know where to get it now?

Hey @Ahmed_AbdelRahman , did you ever find a solution for this issue?