How to activate a NFR licence?

Hi team,
I received a NFR license from UiPath, but I don’t know how to activate it.
I had an Orchestrator with a cloud community version, that I updated yesterday as an enterprise trial, and I have a Studio Community license version 2020.2.0-beta.108 linked with Orchestrator (browser Chrome).
In the picture below, you can see that I don’t have the update button to update the license into NFR.
What should I do ?

Best regards.

After requesting a Enterprise Trial, the following message is displayed in the Cloud Orchestrator CE


As well as an email received indicating an increase of Attended (Named), Unattended, NonProduction, & Studio (Named) increased to 5 each. Cloud Portal did not reflect this right away, but after logging out and back in it reflects the Trial Expiry and increased license count.

From here you would have to edit your Orchestrator instance also called a “Service” under the Services tab and allocate your licenses.

Once you have done that and the Service is finished updating, the licenses will be available in Orchestrator for you to assign to your Machines and register Robots.

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Thank you for your answer, I followed your instructions and indeed I have 5 robots of each type that I can provide in the Enterprise trial.
Now the issue is that the NFR license from UiPath should give me a whole 1 year cover (instead of 2 months-enterprise trial).
I don’t know how to activate that NFR license.
Do you have any suggestion to update to the NFR license ?
Best regards.

Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been as active in the last couple months.

Based on your wording, I’m guessing you didn’t receive a license for Cloud as I indicated above? If you received a license by other means, then it sounds like it might be for a private installation and not Cloud services.

Can you confirm what you received a license for? If you still need guidance I would suggest reaching out to support through the appropriate form

For Enterprise Technical Support

For Cloud Technical Support

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as the enterprise trial was for 2 months, I just gave up on it and I am using the community version.
I received a unique code that is equal to the cloud licence and equal to the studio licence. Honestly I don’t know if it is for a private installation or cloud services.
I will reach the technical support, thank you for the proposition.
Best regards !

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