How to activate license?

I am trying to follow the documentation for activating a new attended license key, but I am not seeing any of the same options in Orchestrator that the documentation explains. Am I on some kind of older/outdated orchestrator that needs to be updated or am I missing something obvious?


Hi, what is your orchestrator version ?

Go back to , resources and allocate another licence to that specific resource

Looks like: 2018.4.4

I navigated to, but I don’t quite understand. this page is used for my old community plan, we actually have orchestrator (2018.4.4) installed/hosted on one of servers now which is used for all robot management. This cloud page is not related to my current licensing is it?

I ended up making a support ticket and received the following instructions, which worked for activating a new license.

To acquire the Attended license from Orchestrator, the download link and installation instructions for 18.4 can be found on page 2 of the attached document.

You must generate and upload a new license file to Orchestrator to see the license updates. For 18.4, please follow these steps to do so:

Then, please follow the steps to create and connect the robot in Orchestrator, then activate the robot.

If you prefer to use a standalone key for Attended, we can unlink it from Orchestrator, but it will become a node-locked Attended license.

  • More info about this here, mid-page about Attended node-locked vs concurrent in 18.4: Licensing Models
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