How Robot can request credentials from CyberArk?




Can anyone help with the process, how to use the CyberArk credentials into Robot (code) ?
Do we need to call any API … or please share your thoughts :slight_smile:




please check the below Links for UIpath- CyberArk Integration


Thanks @Divyashreem , i have already gone through those links but could not find info which i need.
I am looking for process or guide to retrieve CyberArk to UiRobot


will this help.?


Yes Actually the above article will help to configure “Storing Robot Credentials in CyberArk” but getting credentials from CyberArk to use in Uipath code is not much clear and I am new to this CyberArk tool. :slight_smile:



In CyberArk you can only store the Robot credentials (push) and you can only see them in the Vault. Why do you need the Robot credentials in the code? Those are used only when you run a Job for the Robot to connect to the Windows session. So basically they have nothing to do with other applications credentials.

If you want the Robot to login to other app you can store the credentials in Assets and retrieve them in the code using Get Credentials activity.

I hope this info helps.



Thanks @ovi, Actually i need to access third party secure client websites .
Where we dont want to place passwords in Orchestrator. We want to use CyberArk integration for this ? Will that work ?


For now CyberArk integration is only for Robot credentials. We have on the roadmap for future releases to integrate other credentials too.

What you can do if you don’t want to use Orchestrator Assets is to store your passwords in Windows Credentials.


Thanks Again… We are planning to write custom activity to implement this feature
which can be re-usable for all projects :slight_smile:


That’s also an option. Let me know if you have any issues in developing it :wink:


Hi Raju,

i just want to implement same requirement to my client(UIPath–> CyberArk–> To Login client secure Website).

Could you suggest something on the custom activity to get the credential from cyberark to UIPath.

Your suggestion is really important and valuable for me; also it will make my development into more easier.