UiPath CyberArk Password Retreival

Hello All, I am new to UiPath and i am trying to Integrate Cyberark for storing credentials for one of my new project. I do see lot of articles online to store the BOT credentials be it windows account or user id and password can be stored in CyberArk and the Agent let Orchestrator to retrieve the password of the machine added as BOT.
I have one more query. Can i store all my application and Database credentials as well in the same safe and can i retrieve them from code to be used by the BOT ?

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@samcharlesj Welcome to Uipath Forum.
Yes, We can store N number of credentials as Assets and can retrieve in Bots using Get Assets Activity. Please find the below Link for your reference, It has brief description about Assets & Managing them in Orchestrator and Studio!

Hope this Helps, Happy Learning!

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@vinodhvictor94 Thanks for the response.

I have seen Asset being used to store and retrieve credentials. But my Organisation policy is to have the credentials in CyberArk tool (This is a Safe Vault). Do you have any idea on how to retrieve them from CyberArk ? Perhaps get it from CyberArk and store in Asset variable may be.Any clue ?

@samcharlesj Yes, Uipath has CyberArk integration which gives you access to your query! Please find the below link and Give it a read.

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