Can Robot Credentials be stored in any Password Managers other than CyberArk


I am wanting to store robot passwords in a vault instead of the orchestrator, but I’ve only seen documentation on how to do this with CyberArk.

My question is: Is it possible to store robot credentials in other password management apps such as BeyondTrust or is this feature only available with CyberArk?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide,
Zac Wilson


You can store your credentials in orchestrator , it’s safe and secure .
In case you want to store the credentials in any other application and suppose password is encrypted , not visible . I think it will be difficult for the bot to get that.

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I understand that we can store credentials in the Orchestrator. This is something we are currently doing. However, our password management tool allows to automate many things including, Active Directory password management. Meaning the Password management tool will change the Active Directory password automatically helping to keep the accounts secure.

Right now the only way to do have the passwords secure in this manner is to write a bot to change every other bots password and sync them to the orchestrator. Which seems like an unneccesary work if we could link the orchestrator to use passwords from our password management tool.


I assume that uipath only supports CyberArk vault as third party vault . Hope we may get additional capabilities in future releases.

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Hello zac, their are many password managers which can store robot passwords in vault.I read a post where i found some useful password managers like dashlane and 1password which consists of some exciting features. However most of them are quite expensive with premium membership which unlocks other features.