UiPath Cloud Platform Orchestrator - CyberArk integration

There are existing integration for on-premise UiPath Orchestrator & CyberArk.
Q1) Are there any integration available for UiPath Cloud Platform Orchestrator & CyberArk?
Q2) Refer to Q1, if no integration at this moment, any planned schedule?
Q3) Instead of CyberArk, are there any other way that not to save the robot account credentials directly to orchestrator?

Thank you.


Welcome to our uipath community.

As per now there is no integrations available for Cloud Platform.

Right now there is no integration with CyberArk in Cloud Community Orchestrator.

You’ll probably need to reach out to Support to see if it is on the roadmap. As CyberArk is a paid platform and additional modules (Application Identity Manager) to support CyberArk is needed to be installed on the Orchestrator host and configured to look at a CyberArk Safe, it is probably unlikely… though maybe they would look at it for their Enterprise Cloud offerings(?).

I can think of a couple of ways

  1. Use Windows Credential Manager local to your Robots
  2. Use another Vault Service that you could directly access from a Robot there might be a customer activities or .NET package that already provides support for other providers, if not could role your own.
  3. Use the Azure Key Vault. This is also an option available in the Community Cloud Platform once you add one to your Credential Stores.


(I don’t use the cloud platform myself but will be looking at CyberArk Integration on a private instance soon, just waiting for a couple of Firewalls to be updated between our Orchestrator host and our CyberArk).

Hi @codemonkee,

Thank you for your comments & information.

How about the windows OS credentials for unattended robot?
It seems that the only way for orchestrator to work for job execution (if robot windows OS is locked) is we store the OS credentials (domain account & password) into orchestrator.

Thank you.

Using the Windows Credential Manager would work for asset credentials, but for Robot’s I do not see a way around it as you need the credentials to remote into the remote destination and you do this by providing the credentials to the Robot when you create it’s record.