How many unattended and attended bots can one connect with orchestrator using the community version?

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I am using the community version of uipath and I just connected three unattended bots to orchestrator … How is this possible? When do I have upgrade my license and pay for bots? How many unattended/attended bots can I usually connect for free to orchestrator?
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Hi @moritz.becker-koch,

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The number of licenses available in various licensing modes is listed in the following link: About Licensing

However I understand you confusion with regards to the Unattended Robots.

  1. Even though the number of Unattended Robot License available in the Community Version is only 1, you can create 3 unattended robots in Orchestrator. However it’s interesting to note that as Unattended Robots are licensed at runtime, even though you can declare 3 Unattended Robots only once can be active/ licensed at a time. Meaning to say if you run a process on one of the three unattended robots you created 2 others will be unlicensed.
  2. The Community Version of Orchestrator is free to use for non-commercial use. So can be used for learning purpose without any issues. But using the same for deploying RPA Processes for a company in a formal commercial setting is illegal as per the Terms & Conditions. Free licenses are available only under community / enterprise trail licenses.

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