How many free Robots can be created in unlicenced UiPath Orchestrator


I have tried to configure 3 Robots in UiPath orchestrator, I have succesfully deployed two bots, but when I try to install 3rd one Iam getting alert to update my licence. Please let me know only two bots can be configured in free licenced UiPath orchestrator.



Take a look at this:



I tried to install one robot but the first time itself i am getting the error “No more non-production robots, please update your license”


@kathrynl, here it is,

Dom :slight_smile:



If you have an on-premise Orchestrator installation, An unlicensed Orchestrator will effectively do not allow you any robot to be provisioned. The two free robots now only apply to the instance.

You would need to get in contact with the UiPath Sales team in order to obtain a test license.