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Question regarding Orchestrator. We currently have 2016 version with 10 unattended (I know, pretty obsolete, but we are still in the middle of migration and this covid19 blow up). 9 out of 10 is being used. 8 is used on physical desktop. 1 on VM on HD setup.

We want to add additional 15 bots. The company is purchasing the license. but I’m unsure how to proceed. I don’t know if we can use that license on the current orchestrator? Since those additional 15 bots will be loaded on the VM on HD bot setup, the license should have 15 slots right?

Or is there an option to extend the number of unattended bots on the orchestrator license we bought? I created a ticket with this inquiry but there is no reply yet.

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hi @wonderingnoname
when you buying the relent additional bots , your agent or Uipath will provide you another license key, you can take it and update as separate or as a same orchestrator tenant.
when you update in same orchestrator tenant you will see your available number of Unattended license count has been increase 10==> 25 (when you purchase 15 unattended bots)

Its a very simple steps you have to follow with your license key
1.Get your key
2.generate your license (Activation)
3.go to your orchestrator as follows and update the license

For more detail information you can refer below links