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Hello Developers,
I have a text box in my web application , have to enter text into that box but it has a validation because of i am not able to use type into activity and set text activity .
Both activities will type character by character in that because of which i am getting error message from application.
So is there any way to enter data at one shot into text box.

Hi @bhaavan,

Can you please share any screenshot of the issue to make it more understandable?

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What do you mean by it has validation? Even if the value is being validated you should still be able to typ into the text field, are you getting an error? What is happening when you execute the flow?

we can try with CLIPBOARD
like we got two activities
SET TO CLIPBOARD - where we need to mention the input text to be typed in so that it will be sent to clipboard

next we need to use SEND HOT KEY activity at that field with key as ctrl+v which will paste the value at once

its more or less like copy and paste

Hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @bhaavan

Hey @Palaniyappan

I think HOT KEY should be ctrl+v and ctrl+p is used to print i guess.


yah :smile:
typo mistake
thank you @Vijay_Kumar_C

thanq @Palaniyappan it worked

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