How do I fill in a list and calendar with data extracted from an Excel file

Hi! I’m new here and I need your help!
For a travel agency, the employee completes an Excel file: destination, ckech-in, number of person. From that Excel file, it must populate the site. I choose from a list for the destination and I choose from a calendar for check-in date.
Can you help me? Thanks

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for this

to select from list use SELECT ITEM activity

or for more ways to do

And to select date where we able to type in the date…if so we can use TYPE INTO ACTIVITY with date as string and use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as enter

kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarifiation
Cheers @BID


Hi, thanks!
I cannot extract my data from the Excel file to populate in the list on the web page…


I didn’t get this busy
Kindly elaborate a bit more on this
Cheers @BID

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For exemple, we have the website (advanced search)

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