Is it possible to select something from a drop down based on what is written in an Excel cell?

Hopefully I am asking this correct. I am trying to automate entering some orders and learn UIPath a bit.
So for example if I have a Drop down box with the Days of the week Monday, Tuesday, etc.
Is there a way for UIpath to select the proper item from a drop down box on a website based on say days of the week listed in Column F?

Everything is done on a webpage and Getting the entry of text box parts has been easy but figuring out how to handle the drop down has been tough. Well that and trying to figure out how to always enter the current date in a calendar box.

Hi @trollsong

For drop down use select item activity
But it is case sensitive if small mistake in the spelling it will throw exception saying key not found among the existing keys


Wonderful! Thank you!

Is it working for you?

I will try it out when I get in to work. We do not have a version we can mess with at home sadly.

sure try it .

happy development