How do I extract the line items?

Hi @alexcabuz , how do I extract the line items? do I specify “items.line-amount” in the Configure Extractors screen? Is this extracted into an array, for example?



Hi @benn,

You need to set up your taxonomy with a field of type table, which you may call whatever you want, like “Line Items” or something, and then in the Configure Extractors wizard, set it up like this (note that all the stuff on the right side needs to be specified exactly):

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Hi Alex, I am a bit confused what am I supposed to provide in the text filed on right hand side. I see string values like “name”, “vendor-addr” etc.

When I changed to another wordings which is available in my invoice, its not getting extracted

Hi @amithvs,

Is not getting extracted because the ML Model UiPath pretrained (options in the right side) those are the only fields trained by UiPath if you need anything else outside of it, you need to use the Regex or Forms Templates

Unfortunately, if I use both extractors in the same time (ie ML extractor and regex extractor) the regex is not working.

I tried to extract invoice number by using regex extractor. Even though the regex is a match when tested separately, but while validation station no data is extracted.

You just have to select one of the other and probably keep training it.

Then why there is option to drag n drop multiple extractors within extraction scope. I think we are missing something here.

Hello all,

Have a look in the EDIT1 sample, it might help: How to use the IntelligentOCR Package .