Issue in line item extraction from invoices

i have a invoce.i want to extract data from that invoices line items are not fix.line item may very can i extract information from that line item.(sometime 1 line item come and some time 3 line item appears)

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Can you send the two different pdf files???

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sorry sir…i dont send send this.

Okay can you send two example samples as a string or else screenshot?

somtimes only 1 product id comes and sometimes 3.

Is it PDF Format ?

Run the loop over the text file.

  1. Read line by line
  2. Put the condition if lline.contains(“Product ID”)
  3. Very next line will be your first entry
  4. Append this line into the array.
  5. Run your loop till the line contains product.
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thank u sir…
i have one more pdf.

sometimes only 1 sl no come and sometimes multiple sl no this case what can i do.??

Please share your text file data in form of the text then I will be able to share the code sir.

Hello @arijit1213

Have you defined the Item field as multiple values in the Taxonomy manager? that should allow you to extract the items and configure the extractors to use UiPath Invoice ML model for those items

Having multiple values in Taxonomy manager doesn’t help you extracting multiple lines automatically. Only if you have user validation you’re allowed to make another line.
I’m also struggling making it dynamically and have no solution, yet.

Yes, of course. But, it doesn’t seem to read all the line items