S112_DocumentUnderstanding Exception Scenario


While extracting the data from Invoices using Document Understanding Method, facing the below exception. Please clarify.

Thanks in Advance,

I see the classificationResult value that you have given has the error as can be seen from screenshot. Why do you need the [0] value for it?

indicating an array to extract the values from list of items

You have wrongly mentioned Classification result, you have to use open parenthesis () instead of square brackets.

So keep mentioning like classificationResults(0)


Hi @Harsha_S1, use parenthesis () like this classificationResults(0), it not classificationResults[0].

Yeah!! But unable to identify the fields. please clarify.

Yeah!! But unable to identify the fields in configure extractors activity container. please clarify.

se clarify.

Seems you have not created Document Type In Taxonomy.
Can you share the taxonomy fields.


I have attached all the workflow sample pics in a sequential manner,2a to 2g.

And I am attaching the sample invoice also. Please check if there is any problem with the invoice pdf.
Here the issue is am unable to configure the extractors with respective to the invoice no, inv date, and total amount.(2i)

Please clarify.
invoice-02.pdf (34.8 KB)


Clarify one thing, have you define document type and fields in the taxonomy.

Hello @Harsha_S1 ,

Just maximize the configure extractor window, you will be able to map the fields.


Ya, I found it. But facing the exceptions while running the code. Please check it and suggest further


yes, I have defined it.

can i see that, how you have define?

share the screenshot of it.


I have attached all the properties panel inputs from 4A to 4I. Please check and suggest the edit.

find the taxonomy icon in the design ribbon, then click on the you will see document type and the fields.

Maximize this window then we may see those

Please check it.

Please proceed with next steps.