Configuration of "items" information from Invoice using Taxonomy Manager

With reference to the below link:

i need to know how to configure “items” in taxonomy manager.
I performed following steps:

  1. Opened taxonomy manager from studio.
  2. Selected the Invoice and added new filed “item” of type “table”.
  3. Added columns in the table and configured it as per the instructions provided in the link.
    But the issue is when i am running the workflow, its not extracting any item information.
    Could somebody please help with the solution.

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Hello @Anamika15

Does it extract the items that are outside the table? Things like invoice number, due date, company name etc?

Can you also show how you configured your machine learning extractor activity?

Yes @Lahiru.Fernando, its extracting the items that are out side the table.
I have attached screenshots for your reference.

are us till working on this ? did it work . even i want to extract the induvial line items