How difficult it is to change Attended to Unattended Bot, or changing the license type in a Bot program

Converting from Attended to Unattended Bot.
How difficult it is to change a Bot configured PC or changing the license type in a Bot program.


Simply delete that attended Bot licence from that machine and use new license key to activate to Unattended BOT. You can do this by using Command prompt or using Orchestrator.

And also you need Orchestrator to trigger Unattended BOTS.

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@lakshman, do you know if its possible to convert the license? i had bought an attended robot license and i would like that to be changed to unattended.

i know i probably need to get in touch with UiPath support but i just wanted to know if that is possible and i know the pricing is different between the two so in that case will they allow me to just pay the difference instead of purchasing a new license all together?


I guess it’s not possible.

It’s better to contact Uipath support team only and they can give more information on this.