We have Attended BOT license (Enterprise Edition 2021.4.4) & What if we are planning to Buy Unattended License, THEN What about my Previous Process will it work on Newest Version

Currently I am working on Attended BOT license (Enterprise Edition 2021.4.4), Which is about to Expire in Next week. Now my organization is planning to buy Unattended Bot license, Then What will Happen to My Current Process and already working BOT,
What care should I have to take.

What if they Buy Latest Edition. Then There are version Difference, So What precaution I have to take to Move Latest Version. ???

  1. Understand the License Types:

    • Attended Bots are typically used for attended automation, where a human user interacts with the robot.
    • Unattended Bots are designed for running automation without human intervention, often on remote servers or virtual machines.
  2. Review Your Current Processes:

    • Assess your existing automation processes and identify which ones are currently running on Attended Bots. These processes will need to be reconfigured for Unattended Bots.
  3. License Activation:

    • Ensure that the new Unattended Bot licenses are correctly activated and associated with the appropriate machines or VMs. The licensing process might differ between versions, so be sure to follow the documentation provided for the specific UiPath version your organization is using.
  4. Reconfigure Automation for Unattended Bots:

    • You will need to modify your existing automation workflows to work with Unattended Bots. This often involves changes in terms of how you handle input, output, and exceptions.
    • Make sure to handle unattended automation scenarios properly, such as managing input data, handling errors, and ensuring that the process can run without human intervention.
  5. Version Compatibility:

    • If your organization is planning to upgrade to a newer version of UiPath, you’ll need to consider version compatibility.
    • Ensure that your existing workflows are compatible with the new UiPath version. You may need to update and test them to ensure they work seamlessly in the new environment.
  6. Migrate or Update Existing Processes:

    • Depending on the version difference, you may need to migrate your existing processes to the latest version of UiPath. This could involve exporting workflows and importing them into the new environment.
    • Ensure that all dependencies and packages used in your automation are compatible with the new version.
  7. Testing and Validation:

    • Thoroughly test all the processes that are being moved or updated. Ensure that they function as expected in the new environment.
    • Verify that the Unattended Bots can execute the automation without any issues.
  8. Documentation and Training:

    • Update your documentation and provide training to your team on the changes and new procedures related to Unattended Bots and the updated UiPath version.
  9. Backup and Rollback Plan:

    • Always have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong during the transition. Be prepared to roll back to the previous configuration if needed.
  10. Communication:

    • Keep all relevant stakeholders informed about the transition plan and its timeline.

It’s important to work closely with your UiPath support or customer success team to get guidance specific to your organization’s setup and the UiPath versions involved.

Hope this helps

Hi @Ajinya_jorwekar

As you said you are working on Attended BOT Licenses type and now planning to buy the Unattended Licesne

So below you need to look into

  1. Check if your flow are interacting with the user, by asking for input from the users, that need to be avoided, so if that is there then you need modify that

  2. Version changes, also flow changes, recently there was like Legacy version and Windows Version, So, if you didn’t change your flow to Windows version, then it is suggested to do, because going on in the newer version, you can’t able to create any Legacy workflows

These are the most priority tasks you can consider

Hope this may help you


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