Cannot create unattended bot due to Orchestrator thinking license is consumed

I have tried to wipe out all machines, environments, robots, etc and I am unable to select unattended bot on the dropdown when adding one back on due to it thinking a license is unavailable. The dashboard says I am not consuming any as well. Does anyone have any ideas?

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hi @AlienV
Go to tenants ==> select your relevent tenant ==> go to Edit services ==>edit Licenses ==> add unattended bot to the relevant tenant and save

Thank you Maneesha! I recall navigating there a couple of times before after spending many hours trying to figure this out but failed to notice that button below.

Funny thing, i was struggling with that yesterday. I got a new computer so need to register that. Eventually I deleted my tenant, created a new one. Overkill, for sure. But it allows me to completely get lost in the new ever-more-complicated who-knows-what orchestrator design.

I started learning UiPath Dec 2018 Every time I go back I don’t recognize it. Up until recently I wasn’t using it with much regularity but every time I went into Orchestrator I no longer recognize it. I can’t keep up. I’ll be on fiver hiring an orchestrator admin for CE in a minute. LOL