How to setup and run an attended bot

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License type(Free, Trial/License code):Trial

Studio/Robot version:Attended bot

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I would like to have few clarifications on bot licensing of an attended bot.

  • If we need to have hands on experience on a attended bot, should we request license for attended bot? Or uipath studio?

  • If we are not going to use orchastrator, but planning to use windows scheduler to schedule bot, do we need to care about licensing as attended and unattended bots?

  • Are we getting same robot.exe for both attended bot and unattended bot. They behaviour of the bot changes only based on the way we provision bot in orchestrator?

Please help…!!! This is really confusing…:-/

Refer the below link, if you dont find answer to any of your query, post that query.

Thanks for the link. But still I have a doubt about the relevance of attended and unattended bot concept, if I am not going to use the Orchestrator. :thinking:

Hi @urweeraratne,
Refer this link



  • Uipath does not supports windows scheduler you can look below link.
  • For schedule you can use orchestrator or you can get separate license for attended and unattended bot

@indra I am trying to invoke the bot using a .bat file. Windows scheduler can be used to schedule the bat. Its that, I want to clear out whether bots appearance changes, if we are not going to provision it with orchestrator.

In trial version, we can use same trial code to regstr bot as attended bot or unattended bot.

When we purchase license, there are seperate costs assigned to these different types of bots. But if we are going to setup a bot without connecting to orchestrator; and activate it with attended bot license, what changes do we see?

Does the bot tray appears the same way? Since we don’t have an orchestrator to point processes to bot, the tray would be empty. Am I right?

It feels like no matter how hard I read, I am unable to find straight answers for these questions.

@ovi , @loginerror Will give more details about this

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There should not be any difference in behavior of a bot whether it is with Orch or without Orch, both should give the same results. The Orch is for better control and better automation. You can start without Orch, the day you feel it is unmanageable, you can go for Orch. Please remember UiPath will not provide any support for the issues related to windows scheduler.

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Hi @urweeraratne

This introduction to the Robot is actually well written and should clarify your questions:

The main difference between the attended and unattended robot comes from the ability of the unattended robot to run on a locked user session. And for that it needs an Orchestrator that will schedule and run the jobs.
The attended robot will only run on an unlocked user session, and although you can technically use Windows Scheduler to start your processes, this is a workaround and no longer officially supported.

As to the last question, the service for both robots is the same, but as mentioned in the above link, there is a difference in the installation of the service (either per user or per machine).

I hope I managed to clarify it a little bit :slight_smile:


@urweeraratne did you get any wiser on this? I have similar problem to you. I have an attended robot in the orchestrator but am unsure on how to make the process show in the robot tray. I am unable to publish the process and get the message that I am only allowed to run and debug processes. So how do I get the process to show in the robot tray?


" Uipath does not supports windows scheduler"…not sure this statement is 100% accurate. While it might not support it directly, one can execute an Automation Package via Command Line, hence this can then be automated or scheduled via Window Task Scheduler.

Hi @rstaylor62

It’s possible, it’s just no longer the part of Studio (it was in the past). The functionality of scheduling was moved to a much more reliable (and scalable) Orchestrator.

Hi, following the comment line, in conclusion, regardless of the fact that you can run packages compiled with .bat files (command line) or that technically there is no UiPath support for it, is it legally allowed? is there a penalty if you run them that way or is it simply a matter of UiPath support?

Hello, I would like to know if an error would occur if you have installed a license attended in a Virtual Machine and I execute the robot using a .bat, is it possible? would there be any error in the execution? I would understand that the .bat would launch the bot runner licensed type attended for the execution, is this correct?

Indeed, it’s simply not advised, but there is no issue if you really want to utilize it.

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And just to confirm what is clear, is it possible to work with free versions (uipath community) in clients’ production environments? I understand that it is not, is that correct? If my statement is correct, how does UiPath identify this?

The Community Edition is allowed for small companies as well :slight_smile: See our Terms of Use

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