How can I run robot without installing studio?

Hello all,

I built a sequence that helps users log in every day by reading passwords from Notepad in the same folder. It works for me so far but not sure how can I send this process to others who don’t have UiPath Studio installed?

I’ve tried following this youtube but the uipath folders were different

Thank you in advanced


UiPath studio is not necessarily to run the process but we need to install UiPath Robot/Assistant to run the process.

  1. Publish the process from UiPath studio and it will generate .nuget package and then you can share it to others.

  2. Place this .nuget package under this path C:/Users/%Username%/.nuget/packages/.

  3. And then you can run it from UiPath Robot/Assistant.



If you own the Enterprise license then you can get an option to install only the UiPath Assistant separately without no need of installing the Studio

Then follow @lakshman steps for sharing the package to others

Note : In community edition this option is not available, you need to install Studio to get the UiPath Studio to get the Assistant

Hope this may help you


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