Can robot run on PC without UiPath Studio installed on it?

Hello beloved in community.

I’ve just designed a robot for my co-workers to run customs clearance process (Logistic Department) by using ASYCUDA World. ASYCUDA is a Java base application.

My automation is just simple by type into the information from Excel file row by row into ASYCUDA system.

There are 3 works that I want to use robot to do it. now I completed one of it. After publishing the robot. I see it is in my list of robot in UiPath assistant.

My PC is installed with UiPath Studio, and it can run the published robot smoothly without using UiPath studio.

My question is that, can I just install Uipath Assistant, without installing Uipath Studio on my co-worker PC and run robot the same way as in my PC?

My co-worker PC doesn’t have Uipaht Excel Plugin and Uipath Java Plugin. Robot cannot run without these plugin, how can I install these plugin without installing UiPath Studio at first?

Sorry, my question might be so easy for tech guru, but as newbie, I still has may difficulties.

Appreciate for all your comments and suggestions.


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Ofcourse We can install only the robot and it’s user interface UiPath assistant, without studio installed

In your case

  • you can install UiPath robot and assistant alone in your users machine, install the relevant extensions, plugins and they can run whenever they want and they won’t be able to edit that workflow using studio as they are installed only with robot

Cheers @ThouChhing_Yam


Yes, It can be done in only if you have a valid license to Enterprise Edition
That time you need to install only the UiPath Assistant which can get you using Platform installer
No option in Community Edition

Hope this may help you


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Thanks to hear that, but can I use with free edition of Uipath? i mean community edition.


With Community Edition of UiPath studio, you will get both UiPath studio and Robot.


As I mentioned in my previous comment
Community Edition you will get along with Studio
No option to split

Hope this may help you


@Palaniyappan : Thanks so much for your reply. is this available for Uipath Comminity Version?

Hi @ThouChhing_Yam

It’s not available for now in community edition
Both has to be installed