How we can do this

I have created one workflow and now I need to run this workflow another machine without installation UI path tool. How I can run my workflow?

@Suhas_Dhadas Do you have UiPath Robot installed ?

How we can install UI path robot only in the another machine where we can my workflow?

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Hi Suhas, Welcome to community forum.

To Answer your question, you need to have UiPath Robot installed in that machine to execute your workflow.

UiPath Studio installation is not mandatory but UiPath Robot is very much needed for the UiPath code to run. Without UiRobot, there is no way the UiPath code can run.

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Thanks for your reply @Sugumar8785 How we can only install a robot on my machine?

@UiJack how we can only robot install?
If you have any link for this please share with me?

@Suhas_Dhadas Check this :


I was trying to install robot only but directly tool installed how?


During the installation process, there is a step where you can choose to install only robot.

By default, UiPath studio is destined to be installed.

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When I start the setup it won’t ask anything it was directly installed every time. I have tried two times.

@Suhas_Dhadas If you Still haven’t found the Solution, Take Screenshots of Each Step while Installing and Send it here :sweat_smile: , I guess there’s some Advance Type Option that You need to Select and Make Only Robot Install

Ok I will sent but here is only start and end process in between nothing happened. It is not asking any option to select :slight_smile:

Hi @Suhas_Dhadas
Are you required this for community edition or enterprise edition?

I hope you are using community edition

Enterprise edition comes as UiPathPlatformInstaller

Community edition. It won’t ask me anything while installation.

Find the setup as below


Not .exe

This msi installer give you the facility to install separately

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Could you please guid on this. Where I can find this.

I want install only robot on my system?How I can? Is there any installation required before robot installation?
Please help me on this.

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hi @Suhas_Dhadas
Go to
Then go to : resourceCenter

Download Enterprise Edition…
run the setup : then click advance
you can run setup the robot only


Thnaks @Maneesha_de_silva.

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you are always welcome :slight_smile: