How can i convert Screenshot to PDF Format

Please,Can anyone please help me to convert data from screenshot to PDF Format?

First do get text using ocr (choose engine which identifies your data precisely.).
Then you have many ways to convert your data. One of the way is -

Make the data write into a word document.
Then you can easily convert the file to PDF using “Convert word to pdf activity”.
Its just one of the option…


Please,can u send bot file by taking any data…

Bot file? i did’t got you

oh sorry,means uipath file,iam new to this…

hi @saneeth_kandukuri

I have made an sample application this might be use full.This works fine for single image for multiple images we need to save all the file in a specified folder and later use foreach loop to add each file to PDF.

image to pdf uipath.xaml (6.8 KB)

Here u need to change the selector in the first activity(Take Screenshot), for any queries feel free to ask.

Main.xaml (6.7 KB)

A simple workflow. You may get error on missing word activity . if you get , install word package from package manager.

tanq akhil and harsha


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