How to extract data from screenshot images

Hi I need to extract data from some screenshots of pdfs of invoices and put them into a datatable so I am to use that data in an excel worksheet.



You can either use OCR for this, if your PDF are clear and structured.

If not structured used document understanding :- Intelligent Document Processing - Document Understanding | UiPath

How do I use OCR? Will it extract it into a Datatable? I never used OCR.


Refer this :- Example of using OCR and Image Automation

Use Pdf ocr activity and output the data into Text file.
And use string manipulation methods or Regex for getting the output and you can store in into the datatable.


Can you drop that screenshot here?
Or just give it a try with ‘Tesseract OCR’ activity in the activity panel

If it a screenshot, you can use UiPath screen OCR to extract data as it works very well on images. Alternatively you can use UiPath Document OCR and intelligent OCR activities to extract data from screenshots into an excel and then you can read data from that excel directly into a data table. This saves your create data table and add data to data table steps.
watch this video to know exactly how to do it.