How to convert Recorded output to a pdf /word document



Hi guys,

I need a help from you guys to complete my new project. I have screen recorded a web activity in my browser, whose final result is an image pop-up. My aim is to convert the last screenshot (ie the image pop-up) to a pdf or word file, as I am having a set of other recordings with the same purpose. Literally stuck with this, tried save image and Add image but not getting the desired output.

Expecting your valuable suggestions on this. thanx in advance.

I am attaching an sample xaml file. My requirement is to save the final "car" image only to a pdf/word..

car.xaml (11.6 KB)


Hi amithvs,
I am also having the same doubt. Hope someone helps us out.


Hi Amith,

You can try take screen shot and save image and get OCR text and copy the text into word document and save.
Please check the attachment.ScrapImage.xaml (13.6 KB)


Hi Amith,

If you want entire image to copy, go to folder where you have saved the image and directly copy the image into word and save the document. I assume this is what you are looking :slight_smile:



Hi Girish

Thanx for the quick reply, but thiis is not my requirement. Lets assume i recorded to get the "car " image automatically. So my final screenshot in the recorded sequence will be the car image right?. So, i need the final car image only to be saved as pdf or doc.

I tried with your xaml and it is running fine, but the only thing is , the clarity is getting reduced when screesnhot is saved as image, What if there is some letters too , it can’t be read.