How are you finding the developer foundation training

Hi there,

I am a business analyst looking to complete the foundation developer course on UIPath.
Seeing the long modules has made it a bit daunting for me
With my busy schedule i am struggling with the program

Any experiences to help me achieve this faster?


Any experiences to help me achieve this faster?

Hi @bankoledada

I would be you I would not press on absorbing the content.
UiPath, RPA and the ecosystem around it have a lot be learned about.

That might seem a bit intimidating at first but if you get the proper time, you will be able to learn and progress and all of this will have no secret for you.

The modules from the academy will be saving you progression automatically, you can stop when you need to do something else and continue them later.

If you come to encounter any technical issue, first use the search function of this forum, if it appears you do not find any content on existing posts to help you resolve your problem, people here will be happy to help you tackle that!


Hi @bankoledada
Giving the fact that you’re a business analyst, once you complete the first two part you will find yourself facinated by the possibilities and the ideas that you will get on how you can make processes that you’ve already saw in action better and more optimized.

It is always good to have a sense of business while developing a process because it will make you think not only about building a process that works, but rather how can I build a process in the most optimized way.

Finally, finishing the foundation is somehow essential to acquire the developers’ jargon.


Thanks for the tip