Level 1 RPA Developer Foundation Training

I am new to UI Path. I am supposed to join a two day RPA developer classroom training through my company. However, I am supposed to complete 60 credit hour of training Level 1 RPA Developer Foundation training offered online from UIPath.

I am stuck at Lesson 3 and can not move forward as I can not pass the quiz. The quiz seems to be asking questions which were not covered in details in the previous lessons. Lessons recaps are useless.
I was wondering where can I get more study material about each lesson so that I can go over them before I take the quiz for each lessons even though training lessons didn’t cover them.

I don’t have any programming background in VP, .Net, or C. However, I have programming background in database, SQL, Pl/SQL. I suspect some of the questions in the quiz might be related with VB or .Net. Does it mean that I couldn’t be able to complete this training if I don’t have programming knowledge of VP or .Net or C?

Any suggestions?



A good way to find the answers is to open UiPath and build the questions or try them out IRL.
Some questions might seem a bit harder to start with, but keep trying and search the forums for the logic.

You will learn a little coding when researching your questions and you will probably need them later on. So its a good thing to learn.

As you dont have a time limit, or retry limit, you will eventually get the answers correct. Try to understand them as well tho and it will make future UIpath work a lot easier.

If you are really stuck on a question or dont get the logic, feel free to ask.