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Hi All, I recently finished Level 1 - Foundation Training - 2018.3. exam and When trying to start Advanced Training i saw one more section RPA Developer Foundation with same topics as i finished just yesterday.

I am bit confused did i just complete a older version ?

Whats the next step to start advance RPA training. Is it mandatory to complete Orchestrator Training as well because i already see a section in new RPA Developer Foundation .

Any help is appreciated as want to finish my certification by Dec 31.

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Welcome to our uipath community.

If you completed one foundation training then that is enough no need to others.

Now you complete Level 2 - Orchestrator Training and then only you can access Level 3 - Advanced Training.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I tried starting Orchestrator training but it seems like a older version in the UiPath academy. The UI did not match.

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Yes they added some new features recently and that we won’t find it in Orchestrator Training as it is old ones.

But you can complete the training without any issues and you will find all those options in new version also. May I know where you got stuck ?

I am about to start this course so not stuck as of now. My last question how important is Orchestrator section with respect to UiPath advance exam.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

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In Advanced exam, we have two modules.

  1. Theoretical Exam - 45 multiple choice Questions
  2. Practical Exam - It consists of 1 usecase

In Theoretical Exam, some of the questions will come from Orchestrator and may be we have to use Orchestrator in practical exam depending on usecase requirement. So, you need to complete Orchestrator training also. Above and all if you didn’t complete this level 2 training then system won’t allow you to take Level 3 Advanced training.

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Hello Lakshman, I can see new Foundation course has less topics as compare with 2018.3 (Recording, Citrix Automation, PDF, Email ETC. are missing) and they have added Orchestrator and RE Framework in Foundation course, also new course focused on Theoretical part with less Videos explanation. I have completed 2018.3 but now I am confused how to go on Orchestrator → Advance. Please suggest

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As per many users requested they added new courses like Orchestrator, REFramework, real time usecases etc…

Its better to enroll those courses and start learning. And It will be very helpful.

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