UiPath RPA Associate Certification Course Material

Hello All,

I have been using automation in my work for the past few years and recently decided to get UiPath certified. I have always been in a business analyst role and completed the RPA starter course and Business Analyst courses. In order to get certified UiPath recommends taking the RPA Developer Foundation courses. I am 3 hours in and it is all pretty technical for somebody whose programming knowledge is limited to SQL.
Which lead me to the following questions:
Does anybody have any other suggestions on how to best prepare for the certification exam in a way that maybe is less technical?
Besides the practice exam online does anybody have any other practice resources i.e. quizlet?
Is it worth getting UiPath certified if I will be working as a business analyst?

Any help is appreciated
Thank You -

Hi @David_Wittes,

Yes, it is definitely best choice to get certified for any job/profession, it is your proof you are ready to perform that job.

I’m on the developer roles so yes I needed that certification to be considered for work opportunities, as a business analyst I would say it’ll help you to understand what is behind scenes and how it works so you can help/support better any potential customers or current ones.

Just a few thoughts…Be Safe!

You don’t need SQL to go through developer foundations course. I’m also a BA and I learned a lot with that course. Yes, technical. But you can do it.