Send Hotkey not working in background

using a Send Hotkey activity in background will trigger a timeout error, after enabling SendWindowMessage, the error is gone but it takes no effect (e.g… the Send Hotkey activity is used t maximized the window by Win + Up)

anyone has idea?

You need the SendWindowMessage for it to work in the background. Unfortunately SendWinowMessage it not compatible key modifier (Win, Ctrl, etc).


KeyModifiers cannot be used with the SendWindowMessages option. No error is thrown when executing a workflow that contains an activity with this combination of options.

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but what if a keymodifier (e.g. ALT is used to open the file menu at the top of the browser) is required in my case?

Then you will need to bring the application to the foreground before sending the hot key.

then it means the process cannot be run in the background?
since in my case, the process will be triggered by orchestrator and it runs in a VM, where no one will be connecting to the VM

Yes, that’s correct. Send Hotkey with key modifier does not work if the application is in the background.

But what is stopping you from bringing the application to the foreground in the VM?