Send Hot Key activity doesn't accept Send Window Message

Hello everyone!
I have this UIPath process that automatically downloads 2 files from an app in background.
The login process runs OK, but there is a Send Hot Key activity that doesn’t accept Send Window Message.
Can anyone help me please?


Sometimes your application won’t require send window message to be enabled

Did we try running after disabling Sendwindowmessage property of that specific send hot key activity


Try after upgrading the UiPath.System and UiPath.UIAutomation packages of your project

Cheers @F_Owl

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This is correct, Send WIndow Message won’t work for all applications.

Is that application a desktop app?

Below is the compatibility chart to have some insights.

use the Stimulate click, that workers fine most of the time when working with background automation.

The SendHotKey activity doesn’t a Stimulate Click. Only Send Window Message

Yes I executed the process in background after disabled the Send Window Message activity.
I will try to upgrade my UiPath

That’s right @F_Owl
But we have click activity with simulate click which can run in background as well and is what @rahulsharma tried to suggest

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yes mate!
I mentioned Stimulate click
If you are typing something in the background, that needs to be clicked first and then typed in, right?

So you can use click to basically activate that field in the background and then enter the data.

I need to click the button, not to type into a field. These are the settings, but still doesn’t work on background

Hard to tell without seeing the behavior.

Just try once by making the property for WaitForReady as Complete.