Send hot key not working in background

Sir one more thing As mention in attachment my application running in chrome while in between if I open another think eg if I open notepad as mention in attachment then Send hot key with TAB not work and when I minimized notepad then it start working file…


Hi @Aditya10989,

Send Hotkey only works for the active window. please use the following activities instead of Send HotKey activity
Type Into
Double click

by enabling Simulate you can run each activity even in the background

Thanks for reply.I need to use tab.If I used TAB in type into then simulate click not works.

Hi @Aditya10989,

Which tab are you referring to ?

As mention above I want to use TAB key on adjustment amount text box.So how can I do this…?

hi @Aditya10989,

just use type into one and make sure to check simulate one and click type before also fine tune ur selector that used by the type into activity

but my Question In this where we click on TAB

I cant see any tabs its a text box

As mention in above attachment.Actually there is logic in website when I insert amount in text box then click on tab there is logic in website Adjustment amount + Current Outstanding Reverse shows in New out standing reverse then click on save it will save the data.But here tab is not work so its not automatically calculate the amount and not able to save.

can you please share screenshot again i think it covers the tab with the note pad

Actually I have a [excel] sheet which contain 15 k records.I need to insert the data in web site from [excel] Now this complete process takes 20 to 22 between if I open not only notepad any other window or remote desktop minimise then send hot key not working after some time I got error Time out.
I am working on remote (VMware).
And if I comment send hot key then complete application execute successfully. it means there is issue in send hot key. if there is any other way to use TAB with simulate click let me know.This will execute my application also

can you move around using TAB key if yes when you enter amount send relevant amount of tab keys and enter key it will work

sorry did not understand.move around using TAB key…?

sorry can you please elaborate this…?

go to your website and click on the Adjust amount and text box and enter tab key in the keyboard and if you can jump into your tab you can do it from one type into activity

yes use as mention in attachment but not worked

Please send all tabs and everything in type into the activity that u used to enter amount no need to create a new one

not work as mention in attachment

Simulate cant use when you are passing hot keys so please uncheck

thanks just give me 15 mint I will check and update you