Horrible UiPath Studio & Orchestrator & Robot bug

7 out of 10 times I run a robot that needs to sign in to a website it completes the wrong email address. The email address is fine because in the other 3 cases it’s ok. But it’s annoying to restart the process constantly just because the robot can’t fill in correctly the email address.
Maybe this is solved in a newer version but when I go in my UiPath studio I see this info:
Studio 2018.3.2 - 10/30/2018
Community Edition
Windows Installer
Expires in 12 weeks
Device ID: YXzI0rgR2t79APSGNiOu
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
.NET Framework Version 4.7.2

Whatever I do, it won’t update to a newer version. It’s the community edition the one I am using. I am asking an honest question here: how is anyone supposed to finish the academy training and tests if the software acts this buggy and is an annoyance source?

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Hi @adriannovac,

I understand your concerns, but here are a few things to ensure the email address is entered correctly from the workflow:

  • Before you type in the email, can you please print it to see if the address is correct.

  • Ensure the page is loaded

  • Third, you might want to check how you’ve configured type into. Look into the properties - Waitforready =Complete ; Simulate Type - uncheck; Empty Field - Check

I believe this is not related to the version of the tool.


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  1. address is correct -> as I said 3 times it works, 7 times it does not work
  2. page is loaded both times -> it either ommits to put the “@” or it puts some other letters at the end of the email address
  3. Waitforready is set to Complete; Simulate Type is unchecked; Empty field - Checked.

Right now it seems to be working a little bit better. This is what I have changed:
Simulate Type -> Checked
DelayBetweenKeys -> 100

But nonetheless this is not normal at least in my opinion -> to constantly tinker with things because the robot cannot type in correctly. Also, I am forced to use IE in 2019 !!! Using Chrome is not possible due to a lot of the things not working in Chrome.

At the moment I try to not quit from learning and using this software but I am not very far from doing that as it has annoying bugs, the documentation is far from clear and the instructions for the exercises are not very clear.

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Hello, @adriannovac

I am a little confused on the question. Are you receiving any error messages when you run the process? are you looping through the process and only works 3 out of 7 times. What does the website look like?

Could you elaborate more on the process or share xaml files or a screenshot?

This happens when there is difference between Robot Speed and your application’s loading speed

Experiment with simulate type or add a manual delay of 1-2 seconds

you can also use element exists activity (to ensure page is loaded properly) before typing in

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This was and is happening while doing the Advanced course exercises (calculate hash & generate yearly report) with the acme website. I think there should be a DEFAULT setting on UiPath studio elements so that they work with the tools provided by UiPath for academy courses, exams etc and not make us go through trial&error with every possible option for every possible case scenario to see exactly what works for the acme website only. I did some changes and now it works 9 out of 10 times -> acceptable for now, but definitely this would not be acceptable in a real world use case.

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