Couldn't register to UiPath Academy Certifications



Scenario:Couldn’t register to UiPath Academy CertificationsUiPath issue

Steps to reproduce:Try to register to the academy, but couldnt

Current Behavior:

Expected Behavior:

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Use this link, In my System it will work…


When i use, , it says the email is already registered , so when i tried to get the forgot password/username am getting 'Please make sure to enter a username or an email address of an existing user ’


Otherwise you can use alternate Email Address for Register Purpose…


I tried with two mail ids, but for both the same issue.

Unable to login to UIPath academy

Still the issue prevails.

When I try to register, it say the mail id is already registered and prompts me to check in my email. But havent received any mail regarding UiPath Academy.

Help Needed . Thanks !