Uipath Assistant : The RPC server is unavailable

Hi, I need some help. I got problem when accept the email. Should be I got 3 email but just 1 email and the next email Robot stop process in UiPath Assistant.

The error as per below:


Thank you.

Try to add a Delay activity with the timer set to 00:00:10 and recheck.

Also, you may check to see if any processes are hanging or blocked after sending the first email. You may try to close the problematic process (*.exe) file after the first email is sent and then retry the remaining emails.

Share your findings with us.

Thank you for you help :slight_smile:

When I run in the studio everything is running smoothly and I got all the emails but when I use attended bot I have that error.

Is it I miss out something?

Check which are the differences between Studio robot and the Assistant robot.
Maybe the robot from Assistant is a different one and it is not having some sort of permissions.

You should know this better.