Highlighting the table But displaying number of rows 0

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I am using data scraping to read the table and selector is validated and also highting the table but when try to print the number of rows it is displaying 0.

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is the preview option showing us any table structure while data scrapping

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yes it is showing

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Cheers @Ranjitha.mahendra

but it is showing row counts 0

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Hi @Ranjitha.mahendra

kindly, check output variable of Extract Structured Data activity and dataTable variable the one you’re using .Count method on.

i think the data scrapping didnt happeen

kindly ensure that these steps were followed and also we can see the preview of the extracted data in a tabular form…with that we can vaidate
Cheers @Ranjitha.mahendra

Print the datatable and check whether the data is obtained

That is checked .it is correct

The same steps is followed and preview table is also obtained

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Then now we would be able to get the datatable as output
Kindly check once
Cheers @Ranjitha.mahendra

how you are checking number of rows …?


If you print datatablevariable.tostring we get the output as system.data…?

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Use output datatable and get the data in string,… and print that in msg box

Yes to view the content of the datatable as a string then we need to use
OUTPUT DATATABLE ACTIVITY and pass that datatable as input and get the output with a variable of type string
Cheers @Ranjitha.mahendra

we tried with this.In message we got the value when we run for first time for the second time for the same ui without changing anything it is showing empty message box

i think the selector is dynamic
thats why not scrapping
Cheers @Ranjitha.mahendra

what is the solution?

we have not changed anything in selector we just scrapped and run as it is without making dynamic . when we check on highlighting the selector, it is highlighting the right table. So whats the solution