Need help with data scraping

Hello and thank you in advance

I am doing data scraping from an internal website and its not working right. Here is an image

I only care about the two sections in the red boxes: Request Type and Status. I’ve used the data scraper and I’ve clicked on the first and last elements Request Type and then I selected the Correlate data button and did the same thing with the first and last elements of the Status column. The data looked correct in the scraper before I completed it. Then, to see the table, I am using an Output Data Table activity and then a message box with the variable name in it. The problem is that the message box is empty.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you again


I think it has scrapped the data
Is the variable name passed as input is same as the one we get from Extract datatable activity (which does the scrapping)
Kindly check that once

Cheers @mworth123


I suppose first you need to check whether ExtractDataTable variable which is result of DataScraping is null or not, as the following steps for example.

  1. Set BreakPoint at “Extract Structured Data activity”.
  2. Run debug mode. Executor will stop at the activity. Then press F11(Step Into).
  3. Check value of ExtractDataTable at local panel


@Palaniyappan - Thank you, I checked and I was using “TBody” because the Extract Structured Data name was ‘TBODY’. So I was doing it incorrectly. Now I am using the variable ExtractDataTable2 and I created the variable for it but the result is still an empty message box.

For the Attach Browser piece I have these. What am I doing wrong?
GEMA GEMA Properties
Extract activity Extract Property

Thank you again

@Yoichi - I haven’t done this before but I figured out how. I did step one, ran debug mode, and when it stopped I hit F11. Nothing seemed to happen. By local panel do you mean the Properties panel which is on the right or the Output panel at the bottom?

Thank you


You will see local panel at left side as the following image.

In Debug mode, Executor stops before Extract Structured Data Activity if set break-point there.
Please notice ExtractDataTable variable is null.

Then, press F11, Extract DataTable activity is executed, and ExtractDataTable has value if it succeed.

If ExtractDataTable has value as what you expect, probably it’s caused by variable scope and you need to check after this activity. If not, probably you need to modify DataScraping settings.



Thank you for that. This is what I am seeing in that pane on the left

When I hit F11 it pauses for a bit then pops out the section at the very bottom of the above image (on the left side). I’m not seeing the null on the ExtractDataTable2
Can you see what is wrong? And how do I check the variable scope? ExtractDataTable2 appears to be Main. Is this wrong? Also, when I did the data scraping originally the data looked correct, just what I wanted.

Thanks again


I’ll attach screenshots of my debugging for data scraping.

Break at Extract Structured Data activity

Right after to press F11

If the variable has what you expect, can you continue to press F11 and check its value step by step.