Can I use DataTable without using excel / database?


I am trying to extract contents on a webpage, and ultimately using the Data Scraping tool is my best way to do so.

In the preview I have obtained the contents I want, but I am not sure how to now access the results of Data Scraping which is in a DataTable type named ExtractDataTable.

I wish to be able to view the contents of these rows in UiPath via some log messages. However I can’t seem to get this working.

What I’ve tried:

doing row(0).toString just returns blank…

Any other ideas I’ve had so far aren’t valid syntax. I want to be able to view the contents of each row like the first screenshot. Help and ideas are appreciated, thanks!

@rmckinnon, have you tried changing the index number, eg Row(1).ToString?

You can use outputdatatable activity, that converts the datatable into string you can then use string manipulation to get what you want or regex

Hey so… I restarted UiPath then doing row(0).toString worked. I don’t understand why it didn’t work but a simple restart fixed my problems. I guess I’ll keep this here if anyone runs into something weird. Restarting UiPath might fix your random issues when something like row(0) isn’t working when you know it should.

I restarted UiPath then Row(0) worked. I don’t understand why but now I don’t have an issue.

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