Data scraping is not saving data into excel but data is scraping please help

i am using data scraping to capture the data. it is capturing after i want to add into Excel sheet but empty records are saving. there is no column names also.
please help…

Hi, can you share some screenshots or xaml file? They will be helpful to solve your issue!

@anilkumar.vegi Welcome to our Uipath Community.
Can you please check the scrapped datatable record count by using write line or message box activity

i am unable to upload xml. this is screenshot

Can you check the properties of Extract Structured Data? If you want it in a message box, first you have to use the activity called “Output Data Table”, then use a message box!

@anilkumar.vegi in message box check for extractdatatable.rows.count

i checking using message box also but it is coming Empty.

ok checking

@anilkumar.vegi that means your data itself is not getting scrapped correctly

Can you share your screenshot of the properties of Extract Structured Form? Please check the scope of the output variable Extract Structured Data!! If the scope is “Do” change the scope and make it global variable!

now i am seeing count is 8

@anilkumar.vegi Now use write range to write into excel it should work

yes it is working fine now… Thanks

@anilkumar.vegi can you please mark it as solution

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