Concurrent Runtime License - Hardware Requirements

Hi, I want to know about harware requirements when using a single Machine (1 Machine) with different users. Each users with an unattended robot license.

In Orchestrator guidelines said that the Machine where I want to install a robot needs to have this:

But I want to know if this Requirements Increases when they are more users, like 20 users, each user with a robot license. I don’t think 20 robots executing in the same machine using just 8GB is good but I want to know If somebody knows more about this.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Here’s a much more detailed guide on requirements based on the number of robots you plan to use.

Hi @Anthony_Humphries Thank you for Reply :slight_smile:
According to The information you’ve linked I understand this requirements are for web application server, sql server and elasticSearch server. Can you tell me which of this requirements I need to follow ?

You should follow all that apply to the services and applications you have tied to Orchestrator. The simplest of these to follow from a high level is the Web Application Server section. However, if you have SQL Server and/or Elastisearch tied to Orchestrator, you should make sure you have the hardware to support these as well.

I understand. I’ve got my servers ready. but I’m searching for the requirements of the machine where I will install the Agent. Because I want to install one Agent per users and I have 20 Users in that specific machine. According to Robot requirements is recommended to have 8GB Ram. According to web application server 4GB from 0 to 250 robots. So it doesn’t make sense to me. :frowning:

All users of the machine are cosuming the same 8GB of RAM. So I dont know where to find how many RAM I’ll need if I have 20 robots in the same machine.

I dont know If I’m explaining well :sweat_smile:

The machine where the Agent will run will require no more than what is required for Studio (possibly less, but Studio requirements are a safe bet).

Ok Let me try to understand… So if I have 20 users in the same Machine With 20 unattended robot licenses. Running All robots at the same time. 8GB is enough?

Oh, are you talking about setting up a high-density machine? If that’s the case it doesn’t seem as though UiPath has provided suggestions around this.

My suggestion is to take the numbers here and multiply it by the number of bot processes you expect to run simultaneously and multiply that by the numbers given below. Keep in mind that it is recommended that bot machines are dedicated for bots, so it’s better to aim on the high side of the numbers if users will be logging into the same machine and performing work outside of running bots or bot process testing.

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Yes! :smiley: That’s what I want to do.

But first I need to know If its Ok having 20 Users Just With 8GB of RAM Or if the machine will need more. The HD Robots Documentation said that HD is to use the maximum potential of a machine. So I’m guessing robot aren’t using all the 8GBs But how can I know?

With 20 users, you’ll likely need more, since the assumption of the documentation is that there is one robot working on the machine. I’m pretty sure the 8GB requirement is more of a recommendation, but it depends on the complexity of the bot process. UiPath can store a large amount of information, and this amount is suggested so the machine can handle complex processes on the machine.

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thank you @Anthony_Humphries
do you know where to find the use infromation of a machine? like to know how much is using one robot maybe this can help me caculate how much robots I can have in one of my machines.

Unfortunately, I don’t think UiPath has provided that information.

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