Help Request! - Type into function with Enter(+Get Mail Message)

Hello, all

I’m trying to type into content which is from Outlook Body area and I stored data to excel.
However, the problem is when I input data to specific field, all contents are typed with one line as below.
Is there any way that I can typing contents with enter function? I’d like to change the line for each.



[Issue contents]

[Original Contents-excel]

Thank you in advance!

Hi, make sure you “Simulate Type” property for “Type Into” activity is = True

@jack.chan Hello, yes! it’s True condition at the moment.

can you use "write line"activity to print row(“HTMLBody”).toString,

then double click the output and post a screenshot of the message details here?


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Try row(“HTMLBody”).ToString.Split(Environment.NewLine.ToArray,StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)(0)+"[k(enter)]"

Here is the result of ‘write line’ Activity!

Thank you for giving me some helps but it’s only displayed below thing.


thank you, in your “Type Into” activity, please replace row("HTMLBody").ToString with this


@jack.chan The result is as below. Seems like enter key is working as string…!

@Dorothy_lee If you use the Simulate Type and an Enter Function along with it , It will be interpreted as Text. To Click Enter after the Text has been entered you can replicate the Type Into Activity and keep only the Enter Key without Simulate Type Property and Remove the Enter key in the Previous Type Into Activity where the Simulate Type is Enabled.

You can also use a Send HotKey functionality to do the same.

Let us know if it doesn’t work

make simulate type = False and it should work