Problem with Type Into activity doesnt work as intended

Hi there, I am trying to copy contacts from an excel file to create new contacts on Outlook.
I looked for some older and found some information but I have a different problem.
I am only allowed using a certain of specific activities.
The problem is: whenever I use Type Into to write the variables that I saved from the excel file, for example the Name, and type it into the Text Box in the outlook contacts, it won’t work as intended.
For example when I type the First Name + the Last Name into the Fullname it skips a text box and writes it in the Company instead. I used the selector to indicate on the text box area and played with the input methods but nothing seems to work.
These so called behaviour happends not just at this point but even later as it openes the little window of the numbers text box.
Also I hear the windows bell sign as if a ‘wrong’ button was pushed.

Can someone help me undenrstand what I am doing wrong?


Welcome to the community

you need to fine tune your selectors and use attributes which are unique to the element you are indicating

open ui explorer , indicate the element and then search the right top and center panels to identify a unique selector

some help


If you are using modern design Type into activity
select the anchor base selector also for the Name it will help you

Thank you

Hai @zigelnik try to specify the anchor and use strict selector

you can use Set Text Activity also if Type Into is not working

Check the Selector:
Make sure the selector (the thing that identifies the text box) is correct. Use the selector editor to highlight the right field in Outlook.
Try Different Input Methods:
Experiment with “Set Text” or “Type Secure Text” instead of just “Type Into” to see if it works better.
Add a Delay:
Put a short delay before typing into the text box. Some applications need a moment to get ready.
Use Simulate Type:
Enable “Simulate Type” or “Send Windows Messages” in the “Type Into” properties. It helps mimic typing more accurately.
1)use wild cards (*,?)
2)use anchors