Simulated 'Type Into' activity inside a Table cell scope / SAP application

Hi UiPath community,

Quick question about the Input Mode of a ‘Type Into’ activity.

I use this activity in my WorkFlow inside a Table cell scope, inside a SAP application scope. The input mode of the application scope is set to ‘Simulate’ and the input mode of the ‘Type Into’ activity has been set to ‘Same as App/Browser’ or ‘Simulate’ as well.

However, when the WorkFlow is debugging/running, this specific ‘Type into’ activity gets executed as a hardware event, with every character getting keyed in separately rather than the entire field getting filled at once. This is only the case for the ‘Type into’ activity inside the table cell scope, all other type activities in the workflow get executed using the simulated input mode.

Any idea what could be causing this? Does the activity being within a table cell scope override the application input mode and the activity input mode, both set to ‘Simulate’? Or is maybe me not having changed the ‘Empty field before typing’ value to Single line being the culprit here.




Many thanks in advance!

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Hi @HERRYGERS_Wouter ,

If you still haven’t found a Solution yet, Could you maybe try checking/Testing without the Table Scope and Directly with a Type Into Activity whether it is able to do the Simulate Type.

Simulate Type Into does not work for some Target elements, so performing a check in this manner would narrow down us with the correct activity to inspect on.

Hi there @supermanPunch,

Thanks for getting back to me!
I can confirm that the Simulate Type activity works for this specific Target element, I was able to test outside the table cell scope and the activity got executed in the ‘simulated manner’ rather than the hardware events.

However, it is considerably slower compared to when the Type Into activity is inside of the Table cell scope, so that would be the preferable option in terms of speed of execution.

So it does seem that the Table cell scope is playing a role in its ability to use the Simulate Type.
I’m not sure how though. :thinking:

Going to reply to my own thread here because I unintentionally ended up finding a solution for the above.

Apparently this problem is isolated to projects/workflows that are using the Windows-Legacy framework. Recently I converted all my projects to the Windows framework and since then this specific ‘Type into’ activity correctly gets executed using the Simulated input mode rather than Hardware events.

Converting to a Windows project turned out to be the solution here. :slight_smile:

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