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I’d like to type into below sentence but it’s getting error message due to “”. In this case how should I configure on type info field?
Target Sentence : “PDF_DailyReport.pdf” “Untitled.png”


Thank you!!

Hi @Dorothy_lee ,

What exactly you want to type ?

If you want only “PDF_DailyReport.pdf” then use it like

I have checked simulate so it will auto clear existing text of textbox.
You can also Check Empty if you don’t want to use Simulate.

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Use two double quotes if you want " as part of the string.

“hello there ““Paul””” will result in output of: hello there “Paul”

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Hi @Dorothy_lee
Best way is to Chr(34) to get "

see this example i used as input in type into activity


Try this way

Nived N


Try this one. For each double quote, you need to add one escape double quote.

“”“Untitled.png”“” +“”“PDF_DailyReport.pdf”“”

Reference: c# - Escape double quotes in a string - Stack Overflow

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@Praveen_Erakkingal Thank you !! It’s working properly ~!

@NIVED_NAMBIAR Hello !, It’s working properly :slight_smile: Thank you for your helps!

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