Help! Lost 4 days work

I was working with Lab version of UiPath and post updating the package ( as it was a solution to the error I was facing ) I have lost my whole code and all the activities I created. Could anyone please help me to recover the code? Thanks
This is what all I could see now. There are more than 50 activities missing


For now, can you try to downgrade activities package to previous version?


Basically this means that in your upgraded version of the packages, the activity mouse trigger does not exist anymore. You code though, is still intact. As stated by Yoichi, downgrading your packages back will restore the visibility of the code.

Now as for your bug:

  • either fix it in another way (ask here?)
  • Do some research and see what replaced the functionality for the mouse trigger in the new set of activities. (They’re not gone, just different)

Hi @sid04 ,

Do also let us know if the update was to upgrade the Packages (Lower to Higher versions) or downgrade the packages (Higher to Lower versions).

So I was unable to downgrade the package as the error screen wont let me open Studio when selecting the that project. What I did was change the version in project.json file which helped me to open that project. and I see all the steps gone !

Update the packages.

Update : Luckily I created the backup for that file yesterday and Opening that xaml file in a new project resolved that issue. It wasn’t just opening in the same project. No idea why?
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

As everyone explained, your XAML file was intact. No issues. The problem was caused by new versions of activities in the dependency you upgraded - sometimes the activities aren’t forward compatible and can’t be directly upgraded. All you had to do was downgrade the dependency back to what it was.

Opening the XAML file in a new project worked because that project uses the older version of the dependency.

In order to have the new dependency version, you’ll just have to re-add those activities that show up as missing, and re-code those activities.

Thanks much ! Here is another error I am facing while declaring a variable

@sid04 ,

You would need to use a space instead of . when Initialising the Datatable variable :

new Datatable

And it also does seem that you were able to resolve the issue, So do mark the Post as solution so we could close this Topic and any other Queries not related to the Original Topic could be posted as a Separate new Topic.

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