Missing Activities

Hi Community,

I have a uipath script which I scripted out in enterprise studio (v2019.10.4). I shared the package with a friend who is using trial enterprise studio (v2018.10.4).

However, when my friend opens up the script, there are many ‘missing activities’ (supposed to be Click, Get Text etc.). We have removed all the project dependencies and re-installed them but issue still persists. I had also tried to delete the project.json and reopen the Main.xaml but it did not resolve the issue too.

Any idea is there a quick workaround for it instead of re scripting for those missing activities?

Thanks in advance!


Hello @robot_learner,
can you check what Dependencies your friend has and which you have?


Happy automation,

HI @dfilipovic

I found the solution here - Open a project in Enterprise Studio 2019.4.4

Seems like it is not possible to do so.

Thanks for the reply though!