This activity is either missing or could not be loaded properly!

Hello ALL,

I need to modify an old developed UIPath application, but there are some activities that prompted “Missing or invalid activity”.

If I update the project dependencies using “Manage packages”, then the activities “InvokeWorkFlowFile” will lose the input arguments and introduced new errors

Anyone can suggest the best approach to fix it?

Try it by downgrading Activities package version.

Do you mean to try downgrade the version 1 by 1 until the issue is fixed?

Hi @sunnywsl,

My recommendation is as follows.


First downgrade and understand what’s going on, then upgrade packages and rebuild them.

Not sure whether it will fixed your issue or not.
But you can try it by downgrading packages those activities are missing or Invalid.


Have a look on this->

Thanks Everyone and your valuable comment.
The project is now alright without error by selecting the suitable package version.

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